Impact of IBD on physical and emotional health survey

In collaboration with Janssen UK, we created the Impact of IBD on physical and emotional health  online survey to further explore the emotional and mental impacts of IBD on the lives of patients and their views on perceived levels of support. The survey was live between 19th May 2021 and 15th June 2021 to people living with IBD in the UK. 

To ensure survey questions were  I recruited a panel of 10 people living with IBD to review the questions, and feedback was incorporated before the final survey was made available online on the IBDrelief website and on social media.

Launched in May 2022, the survey report details findings from the 167 survey respondents and their views of the impact of IBD on daily life, toilet visits, fatigue, emotional health, perceived levels of help and support and the COVID-19 pandemic

The findings were intended to help inform educational resources for healthcare practitioners (HCPs) such as doctors, nurses, and other IBD practitioners, help patients and HCPs to discuss IBD and wellbeing and to help support patients and HCPs in setting treatment goals that put patient priorities at the forefront