Patient. Advocate. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Mentor

Being diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease in 2008 completely changed my life. It has shaped the person I am - from how I live day-to-day and the perspective I have on the world, to the work I do and the people I surround myself with. Most importantly, it’s given me a passion to improve care and access to information for patients.

Discovering more about my disease and my body has helped me to gain remission, but it’s also meant I’ve had to make a lot of changes and sacrifices to get there. Would I change any of it? No. Not for a second. I’m happier and healthier now than I’ve ever been.

I love sharing my learning with other patients and healthcare professionals through my advocacy work and speaking at events. But, I’m also finding solutions to some of the big healthcare problems to empower patients and place them at the heart of it all. That’s why I’m passionate about the mentoring, consultancy and entrepreneur parts of the work I do. I plant seeds of change to help healthcare grow into what patients really need.