• Date: 2022 - Present
  • Client: Cambridge University Hospitals

Addenbrooke's pIBD lab days

As a valued member of the Addenbrooke’s pIBD team, I had an instrumental role in the planning and delivery of our first two annual patient and family science days. 

Held on the hospital site, the day gives young patients with IBD and their families the chance to see ‘behind the scenes’ of the research that takes place at Cambridge University Hospitals, and develop an interest in science and the crucial role patients play in research.

With support from the research and clinical team, the day offers a range of hands-on science activities, a tour of a working research lab, discussion groups and perhaps most importantly, the opportunity for young patients to interact and play, and parents and families to connect and speak with HCPs outside the clinic setting.

The days are also the perfect forum for clinical teams to listen to patient and families’ priorities, guiding their direction when it comes to service improvement, as well as discussing potential new research directions.